Responsible Welding Co-Ordinators

A Responsible Welding Co-Ordinator (RWC) supervises welding activities to ensure that they are fully compliant with the relevant standards and are signed off by a qualified professional. One of the RWCs within our team can support your business with a range of welding and compliance duties on a flexible basis. Benefit from their extensive expertise within the industry and receive the peace of mind that your welding activities are being carried out in accordance with the correct procedures. To find out more about our RWCs and the contribution they can make to your business, call 01795 432 634.

What is involved in our RWC services?

Our RWCs can support your business with monthly or quarterly site visits to supervise your welding activities. Their expertise will ensure that weld procedures are being followed and your welds are compliant with the applicable industry standards. An RWC can assist you with:

Renewing welder qualifications

Welder qualifications must be signed off every six months, and the individual must be retested every two to three years for that specific weld. Our RWCs can carry out this qualification process, ensuring that your welds are being completed according to the outlined procedure.

Consulting on new procedures

If you embark on a new project and require a set of new weld procedures, you can consult our RWCs for assistance. Use their expertise as a resource when developing these new procedures and gain complete confidence that your output will be safe for its intended use.

Implementing NDT on a monthly basis

NDT is a crucial aspect of welding activities and should be carried out regularly. Our RWCs can visit your business and make sure that these inspections are taking place, ensuring your welds are safe and compliant with the necessary standards. From Ultrasonic Inspection to Magnetic Particle Inspection, receive our support.

Administrative duties

An RWC can handle the administrative activities involved in ensuring compliance. This can include paperwork audits, workshop audits, making sure NDT consumables are being stored correctly, and managing the implementation of weld procedures.

Contact our team

To discuss how our RWCs can assist your business, call 01795 432 634, email or fill out our contact form. We will provide a same-day response.


Securing your compliance with CE Marking/UKCA

As part of a weld inspection, your weld must be tested against the CE Marking guidelines. CE Marking is a legal requirement, and our technicians can ensure that all the necessary standards are met by your component using the specified method of NDT. This testing is vital for checking the compliance of your welds and our RWCs will make sure the process is carried out efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

Courses for welders: Visual Inspection

Whilst an RWC can supervise Visual Inspections within your business if you don’t have an in-house team, it can still be beneficial for welders to understand how to inspect their own welds. This allows them to be confident that their work meets the acceptance criteria. We offer a course for welders to teach these skills and build up your in-house resource for Visual Inspections. This is an ideal way to streamline your processes and reduce costs.

Working with
S.T & W Inspections

At S.T & W Inspections, we prioritise accurate and easy to understand services. We offer all the support your welding activities could need to ensure compliance, including a full range of NDT methods. We utilise our industry experience to innovate and develop bespoke strategies that will meet all your requirements. You can rely on us to get technicians onsite with short notice.

S.T & W Inspections

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