Visual Inspection & RVI

Visual Inspections make use of a technician’s visual competence to assess the surface of a weld or component for defects or discontinuities. By comparing the surface to specified acceptance criteria, the technician can determine whether the component complies with the necessary standards. Visual or Remote Visual Inspections can also be used to determine that a business’s output matches the dimensions outlined on project drawings. If you would like a member of our team to carry out Visual Inspections on your behalf, call 01795 432 634 to tell us your requirements.

Remote Visual Inspection: The benefits

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) allows a trained technician to examine areas of a component that would otherwise be inaccessible. Rather than disassembling a component, optical aids such as boroscopes and endoscopes can be used to gain access for a Visual Inspection. This approach ensures that the inspection can be carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption, avoiding the costs involved in disassembly or modification. As with other NDT techniques, the component isn’t impacted by the inspection process and can subsequently be used for its intended purpose.

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When could you need Visual or RVI Inspection?

Visual and Remote Visual Inspections are versatile, established techniques that have an extensive range of industrial applications. You will benefit from one of these approaches if:

  • You need to check for defects or discontinuities on the surface of a material, component, or weld.
  • You wish to gain access to an inaccessible area without incurring costs for disassembly.
  • You seek reassurance that a component has been manufactured in line with project drawings.
  • You need to ensure that a component complies with all the applicable standards in your industry.

Learning Visual Inspection: A course for welders

It is beneficial for welders to be able to visually inspect welds, ensuring that their work meets the specifications outlined within the relevant weld procedure. We provide a course for welders that teaches how to accurately assess a weld against acceptance criteria, giving them the skills needed to complete a Visual Inspection and be confident in the quality of their work. This can be beneficial for businesses that wish to invest in an in-house Visual Inspection team.

Alternative methods of Non-Destructive Weld Testing

At S.T & W Inspections, we offer a wide range of NDT techniques, ensuring that there is always a service for what you need. We carry out every inspection to the highest standard.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic Inspections obtain internal information from a component using ultrasonic sound waves.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection highlight faults by manipulating a magnetic field within a component.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Inspection uses a penetrating dye solution to identify surface defects on a component.

District Heating NDT

The heating pipelines throughout the UK require NDT and our specialist method excels at this.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array produces a detailed internal picture of a component using multiple ultrasonic sound waves.

Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification provides information about the chemical composition of a component.

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We prioritise a convenient, reliable, and high-quality service for our clients. Our professional team has more than a decade of experience and can be mobilised to your site at short notice to avoid delays. Our innovation has allowed us to hone our approach, offering our clients the best possible NDT and weld inspection services.

Responsible Welding Co-Ordinators

Responsible Welding Co-Ordinators (RWCs) can provide the reassurance that all your welding activities are being supervised by an experienced professional. An RWC can ensure that weld procedures are being followed and can consult on the development of new procedures if needed. Their welding expertise can help ensure your compliance.

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