Founded in 2011, S.T & W Inspections has more than a decade of success in the industry, conducting reliable weld inspections all over the UK. We are a team of experts, maintaining good working relationships with contractors to provide inspections that are accurate first time. We pride ourselves on getting our inspectors to site quickly, and we accommodate projects of any size and scale. As experts in the industry, we ensure our work is carried out in compliance with the relevant British Standards and regulations. For our weld inspection services, call 01795 432 634.

Our experience

Within our company, we have experience in a wide variety of sectors and our team also includes rope access and confined space trained technicians. We pool our knowledge and expertise to deliver services you can trust. At S.T & W Inspections, we provide our clients with Non-Destructive Testing of the highest standard, giving them confidence in the integrity of their components. We have experience in the following industries:

  • Power generation
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Structural steel
  • Rail
  • Nautical
  • Automotive industries
  • Chemical processing
  • District heating networks

Get in touch

To benefit from our pragmatic approach to NDT, call S.T & W Inspections on 01795 432 634 email info@standwinspections.co.uk. or complete our contact form for a response within the day.


Our mission

Our mission as highly experienced NDT personnel is to offer accurate, easy to understand, and innovative services to our clients. We will solve any problem that could arise using our ingenuity and experience in the industry. We create bespoke strategies to ensure your needs are met and your components are compliant. Our services are designed to give you confidence in your output.

Why work with
S.T & W Inspections?

With our experience in the industry and our high standard of work, there are multiple reasons why you should choose us for your NDT weld inspections.

Innovative problem solvers

Our commitment to innovation sets us apart, allowing us to develop strategic approaches that ensure our clients’ welds are tested accurately and efficiently. We will solve any problems that could come up during our time onsite and can also conduct offsite testing through our sister company, S.T & W Laboratories. Our comprehensive inspection services ensure that our clients can reliably turn to us for any support that they require with their welding activities.

Compliance with industry standards

We provide peace of mind that your components will be inspected in line with the given industry standards. We are knowledgeable in all the relevant British Standards, so working with us will ensure your components are tested appropriately and will thereby comply with the regulations needed for insurance and safety obligations. Often the high volume of standards involved in welding applications can cause debate. Our knowledgeable team can help you navigate these in a simple and effective manner.

Comprehensive services

We provide expert weld inspections using a variety of methods. If you don’t know exactly which method of NDT you require, we will be able to assess your project specification to identify what is needed. We can also aid you pre-project by advising on an inspection strategy which will meet your customers’ needs. Our team often consult directly with end clients before a project begins to ensure that our proposed approach aligns with their requirements.

S.T & W Inspections

If you need comprehensive NDT provision, weld inspection, or one of our other services, we can provide exceptional results, no matter your industry or requirements. Call us on 01795 432 634 or email info@standwinspections.co.uk.