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Ultrasonic Inspection

This weld testing can apply to butt welds, nozzle welds and small bore tubing, also capable of mapping corrosion.

Ultrasonic Inspection works using pulses of sound emitted from a transducer are sent into the item to be inspected through a suitable couplant. Responses from the returning sound are observed on a monitor and then analysed by the technician. 

We can provide experienced technicians to carry out your ultrasonic testing on site or at our premises. We can carry out audits and test plans including ultrasonic testing for your CE marking criteria. We can use simple techniques for corrosion mapping for commercial pipe inspections and other applications. 

Pressure parts are where our technicians become clearly second to none. The experience they have with different configurations and materials makes them highly trusted and recognised within the industry for their superb ability. You will find confidence in us for your high integrity inspections.