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Remote Visual Inspection

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is a term that characterises inspection in areas that would otherwise be visually inaccessible. RVI enables an inspector to visually inspect these inaccessible areas with a tool that allows this to be done remotely and view otherwise invisible parts of a pipe, engine, gear box, or similar part or assembly.

Without RVI, the inspector would have to completely disassemble the entire unit to see to the area of interest.

RVI has a very wide array of applications. They range from the simple, such as pipe blockage inspection, to the advanced, such as jet turbine engine inspection, which can include measurement. RVI plays a crucial role in these fields by improving the safety of equipment used by millions of consumers. 

In addition, RVI can save an enormous amount of resources by not requiring disassembly or modification of the equipment in order to adequately inspect by eye. 

There are two important concepts that need to be considered with respect to RVI. The first corresponds to the “remote” aspect. One needs the ability to access the area of interest. The second corresponds to the “visual inspection” aspect. One needs the ability to effectively see and analyze the area of interest. There are a plethora of options, models, and accessories commercially available in the RVI field. However, they all serve at least one of the two main points of RVI.

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