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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a very effective technique used to find surface breaking flaws in ferretic material. We can provide PCN Level 2 operators that can test plate, pipe, cast and many other ferretic components to determine if they are suitable for their intended use, also very popular for weld testing fillet welded joints.

Magnetic particle inspection is the main technique that will be used for your CE marking requirements for fillet welds. Our non-destructive testing technicians are very familiar with the standard required for this type of inspection. They are efficient and will be able to help you get your fabrications tested and certified quickly. Any repairs that may be necessary can be carried out within the same visit and can be re-inspected in order to avoid multiple visits. As a family business we understand the need to work together with our clients to provide them the best possible service. 
We can also provide a visual inspection upon requirement. This is part of any inspection and it is essential to carry out for the CE marking. This inspection goes hand in hand with the magnetic particle inspection and our technicians are very competent in this area. 

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